Milton's Hypnosis Journey

Becoming a hypnotist requires time, learning many techniques, and a ton of practice to understand how and why it is so incredibly effective as a technique to help people achieve the desired change in their lives. Additionally, one more criterion makes a hypnotist an effective practitioner. That requirement is to experience these processes and techniques firsthand. That’s right; the hypnotist must be hypnotized! The reason why is simple – to understand the process at the level needed to execute it for someone else, a hypnotist must experience it for themselves!

I am no exception to this rule, and like many others, I was skeptical about hypnosis. This skepticism is the reason for my giving my testimonial about hypnosis. First, understand that these questions existed despite having studied the process, reviewed the work of several psychologist contributors to hypnosis, and written a couple of academic papers about it in both undergraduate and graduate school. The supportive evidence and proof were right before my eyes, yet I still thought of hypnosis as some trick performed by a charlatan selling snake oil as a miracle cure. My journey to becoming a hypnotist began here, a doubtful skeptic like so many others (maybe even you!).

The first step of my journey is my screening, the same screening I have discussed in the past. In summary, the screening tells the hypnotist several things about the person sitting before them. Information like the problem bringing them to the hypnotist, different interventions that have already been tried, and what they want to change or why they are seeing a hypnotist. More importantly, the screening is when the hypnotist dispels the skepticism. In short, I learned in my screening how real hypnosis is and how effective it is to change behavior.

I was frank about how I thought I could not be hypnotized because of my strong will. To my surprise, a strong will is one of the aspects that makes hypnosis extremely effective! Also debunked were my thoughts of hypnosis as a form of mind control. Remember, this misconception is identified as one of the most common thoughts about what hypnosis is, thanks to the gross glamourization by Hollywood of what hypnosis is not. With those barriers eliminated, the only thing remaining was my curiosity about what hypnosis was. The answer blew my mind.

Several techniques were used to show me just how effective hypnosis could be. I will not share these techniques with you here. Instead, I will encourage you to complete a screening with me to experience them yourself. Concurrently, I will share that these techniques were mindblowing in different ways. I realized and understood three crucial things shortly after completing this part of the screening. One was how powerful hypnosis is, two was how beneficial it would be for me to participate in hypnosis, and how I wanted to use it to achieve my desire to help others.

The questions are now exploding in your mind. You want answers, and you know I have them! There are two ways to get the knowledge you seek: click on the 'Continue - Part II' link below and to schedule a free screening with me to learn how hypnosis will help you!