I have had a lot of trauma and stress in my life from childhood into adulthood. My mental and physical health have suffered greatly throughout the years. I’ve tried counseling and therapy services, but nothing compares to the hypnosis treatment I have received from Antelope Valley Hypnosis. I am not locally near them, but their services thru video have given me the tools and ability to find peace in my life. I am very grateful for their services and highly recommend them for all obstacles you face in life. 

- Christal Ramos 

I was skeptical at first. But then I tried it out of desperation. My autoimmune condition had caused pain which became too much to handle with medication alone. The pain was affecting my sleep patterns as well as concentration and productivity at work and my home life Hypnotherapy really relaxed my mind & body. I just feel positive and refreshed and slept so well afterwards. I honestly had no pain the day after the first session. It's Amazing! 

- B. Trujillo  

I had only known about hypnosis through TV and movies; there its portrayed like some kind of carnival act - seemed like a joke.  But after trying it out for myself, I was amazed at how effective hypnosis is - in only two sessions I was seeing results.  So yes, hypnosis has helped me in my personal and professional life, and the people around me have noticed it too - I keep getting comments about how much I've changed!  In summary, hypnosis works!

Update:  Even four months later I am still seeing great results from my hypnosis sessions! I came back again for further therapy when I realized additional areas of my life needed improvement.  Focusing on increased confidence, assertiveness, and improved presence with others, AV Hypnosis tailored therapy sessions to suit my needs.  As before, AV Hypnosis has helped
me achieve my goals and benefit my life.  Thank you, AV Hypnosis. 

- Ken Fuller 

E.M.'s Testimonial About Their Anxiety Solution

Updated 5/24/2023