Emotional Control

Emotional control is the most effective way to problem solve. As people, we tend to react to most situations emotionally and only have that reaction as the foundation for coping with them. For example, consider your response to the last time you received the previous stack of bills from your mailbox. Did you sigh, become worried, or shake your fists at the sky in frustration? These are all emotional reactions to that specific problem. Sadly, many keep that emotional reaction as their only one, often worsening the situation.

An essential part of understanding how emotional control works is to understand how our brain receives and processes information. It is equally important to know that when your brain interprets this information, it completes memory recall as part of its identification process. Memories are stored based on our emotional responses. Most people stop at that identification. Did you know that there is more and that you can control your reaction, which is all connected to brain function and emotions?

Information is processed through sight first, meaning we see and visualize the data. The second is sound, the second primary identifier of data received by the brain. The third is a combination of touch, olfactory, and taste, all of which fall into two categories: good and bad. Last is the emotion we felt during this event, which causes it to become a memory. Example: Dirt tastes nasty, and chocolate tastes good because you have once tasted them both, and you know this because of this information process.

Now that this data is translated to something relatable, you can use your mind to problem solve better. It requires you to separate from those emotions and view yourself from your mind’s eye. You see the information that you don’t like, and you can also see your reaction to it. You can use the other processes to find a different solution versus the adverse emotional reaction. Imagine the power behind a positive outcome to a problem versus the negative we often anticipate, and you’re in the right place!

Hypnosis helps with the fine tuning of this process, helping make you an expert in using emotional control.  Not only can you become a master of knowing when to apply the process, you will also execute the technique with quick, natural precision. If you are interested in more, a free screening to get more details on how this process works!

Created by Milton on 8/5/2022