Your Hypnotists

Michelle Doucette, LMFT, CH

Michelle is a licensed marriage and family therapist that has spent over 25 years of her career working in the mental health field, working with children, adults, and their families. Because she has worked with a vast population during this time, Michelle now applies those experiences in her practice of hypnosis. With a clever combination of care, client acknowledgement, and enthusiasm in her change work process with you, Michelle can unlock your hidden potential from your inspiration!

Milton Doucette III, MS, CH

Milton has a master's degree in psychology and has spent over 20 years of his career serving the community through mental health and social work. His experiences traverse working with every age group between 2 years old and 70 years old providing behavioral skill building, success coaching, and goal planning an achievement for those he has served. Many praise him for having great levels of efficiency and high levels of success for those he has served. Milton will apply his unique understanding, creativity, and positive energy in your change work with him, using hypnosis to help you open the doors of hidden motivation fueled by your inspiration!