Hypnosis Q & A 

Your hypnosis journey begins here! Let's start by asking some fundamental questions. First, what do you think about when you hear the word "hypnosis"? Next, where did you learn that information? Last, why do you believe it is true?

Your answers are okay, whatever they may be. As you continue reading, I will provide you with a taste of information about hypnosis. Additionally, I will share the flavor of popular opinion about hypnosis because we are familiar with it. Some use it often to season their thoughts and feelings about hypnosis. Others will use it to ask more questions and seek the truth – which will you choose?

Fun fact: those feelings help us to remember, and it is not limited to only certain things. Moreover, the stronger the emotion, the stronger the memory is for us. Please keep this in mind as you go on this short journey with me about hypnosis…


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