Milton's Hypnosis Journey

I must emphasize the critical nature of listening and following the hypnotist working with you. These two factors are among all of those contributing to the effectiveness of hypnosis. Specifically, the process will not have the effect you desire without them! When you listen and follow the hypnotist, the effect and impact that hypnosis will have on you are astonishing. With that said, I will describe my experience with my first hypnosis session.

The session began with the direction of getting in a comfortable position in the chair where I sat. Once settled, my journey began immediately with the directions of closing my eyes and taking a few deep breaths. While I relaxed my breathing to a slow and deep rhythm, I was given the suggestion to relax. Specifically, I was going to eventually become more relaxed than I have ever been during the session. Remember this suggestion because I will refer back to it later.

Like guided imagery, my hypnotist guided me through a scene that was part of the relaxation process. It was as simple as listening and imagining what was described to me in my mind. Before I knew it, the images created in my mind became highly vivid! I could smell, feel, and even taste what was created by my mind. Surprisingly, I lost track of what was being said, especially after the hypnotist told me that it was okay if my mind wandered because I could easily return to what was said by focusing on the sound of her voice.

I put that to the test and allowed myself to walk through the peaceful scenery my hypnotist described to me mentally. The only reason why I decided to come back to what she was saying was because I heard her mention other suggestions. As she said, I quickly returned to receiving information that helped me stay present for more details. At the same time, I achieved this while staying in the now incredibly relaxed state I found myself to be. While I questioned whether I achieved that relaxed state, I received information about relaxing even more.

The next stage was even more astonishing for me because of where I was mentally. I felt so incredibly relaxed that it was as if I were in the early stages of sleep. Concurrently, I was vigilant about my surroundings and what was being said by my hypnotist. The best way to describe this in a way you may understand was being both asleep and awake at the same time. I did not want to open my eyes because my eyelids were too heavy from being so relaxed. I chose to listen to every word coming next because I knew they would be entirely beneficial for me.

The information I received came from a suggestion that my hypnotist created. She used everything we spoke about in my screening to help me improve several aspects impacting the behavior I wanted to change. I will not share all that was given to me; however, I will share my desire to become more positively focused and definitive about the life choices I needed to make toward my positive change. Most importantly, these were things that I wanted to change at the time.

Coming out of my hypnotic state was one of the most energizing experiences I had to date. I felt energized and empowered about myself. Decisions that I came in questioning now had answers and solutions. My skepticism about hypnosis was obliterated entirely, and I knew at that moment that helping people achieve this for themselves was what I needed to do. In short, I made my student commitment at that moment, turning my hypnotist into my teacher.

Remember when I told you about how I was told that I would relax more than I ever have? That turned out to be true! I have never felt so relaxed after anything in my lifetime. If you think this is the end of my hypnosis journey, it is not. I have a little more that I would like to speak of that happened while I was training to become a hypnotist. Stay tuned – there is more to come!

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