You can finally start that project you’ve been tasked with by your boss, your family, or even yourself! The process begins okay, and you feel good about finally getting started. Almost immediately, your mind wanders to other things on your to-do list. After shaking off these thoughts several times, you realize that the time allotted for this task has expired, and it is time to move on to the next thing. Upon review, you see that you achieved very little as the realization of the deadline for this job’s completion is looming much closer than you thought!  

You sigh out loud, wishing that you were able to focus more because you’ll get the job done if you had. In the next moment, it dawns on you that your inability to concentrate has crossed over into the next important task. Putting your head down in agony, you say to yourself, ‘if I could just concentrate on what I need to get done… it would…’…

Concentration is a critical element to production and the feeling that we are productive with the things we want or need to complete. When we feel productive, we also feel good about ourselves because we have accomplished something. These feelings are connected to goal-setting and achievement behaviors we display regularly. Additionally, we assign different levels of glamour to complete a task to increase our motivation to finish it. Overall, this behavior is how we assure ourselves that we are doing good at a subconscious level to get things done when we want.

Enter the lack of concentration, one of the banes of production, goal achievement, and ultimately feeling good about ourselves. Many label this deficit as being distracted, unmotivated, or procrastinating because we don’t want to do whatever is set before us. If these descriptors are accurate, how do people get anything falling into the category of a chore completed? How are they successfully maintaining concentration on anything that isn’t fun or joyful? In either case, keep reading if you have ever asked yourself those questions.

The connection between concentration, motivation, and positive emotions is the answer. Remember that we feel good about ourselves when we finish something that we need to complete. Now, understand that these positive feelings are doubled (sometimes even tripled or more) when completing a task we want to achieve. With that in mind, ask yourself how focused could you get if the desire to do something were applied to a job that is less desirable that you needed to complete. Add to that the emotional sensation experienced from achieving something that you wanted to do, needed to do, and wanted to do it. All in all, this is a technique to increase your concentration; it is just one of many, and hypnosis opens the door to applying this level of excellence to your ability to concentrate.

That’s right; hypnosis serves as the vehicle to change and enhance your behavior to achieve the level of excellence you desire. Concentration, motivation, and positive emotions are stored in memory for recall whenever we see fit. However, the gatekeeper to these components is our subconscious mind. The only way to access it is to trigger it through the information we receive. With hypnosis, you will learn precisely how to trigger that action and successfully do so at will.

It is possible to do this on your own, and it will take years to achieve your desired level of excellence. Hypnosis will help you achieve your excellence in a fraction of the time!


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Created by Milton on 10/12/2022