The day begins when the alarm goes off, letting you know it is time to wake up and start your day. Your begrudging response is tapping the snooze button and telling yourself that you just need a few more minutes of sleep before you can begin. Lackluster movement ensues as you go through your morning preparation tasks of preparing your coffee, choosing your attire, and other hygiene rituals to get ready. Your face has a long, stretched-out downward direction as you stare at it in the mirror, trying to convince yourself that you are now ready to start the day. The response to any question resembling an inquiry about how you’re feeling is a listless sigh followed by how tired you are and how you wish you could return to bed because you don’t want to do whatever tasks create your day.

Be honest – how many days begin like this for you? What about when the times approach for a task that you have put off so often that the completion deadline is around the corner? Is there a meeting with someone that fills your mind with dread as the time for it draws near? All these questions connect to a phenomenon that we are all too familiar with experiencing. Simply, these feelings are described by a lack of enthusiasm.

Think about how you feel when an event is approaching that you are genuinely excited about participating in. Any preparation needed for these interactions is often met with no problems. The excitement of something we want to do drives us to complete whatever is necessary to ensure the event happens as we wish. Moreover, we become even more excited about the reward of enjoyment we eventually receive. Overall, this description explains the power of enthusiasm and how it influences our actions.

With enthusiasm and the lack thereof explained, several new questions appear. Can we generally become more enthusiastic? Is it possible to be more enthusiastic about things we are not? How do we harness the positive energy created by enthusiasm, and can we apply it to complete something else? The answer to this question is yes, and they are possible through hypnosis!

Enthusiasm is a catalyst for feelings of motivation. Remember that motivation is the driving force behind all things we do. It provides us with the energy to complete those tasks. Concurrently, motivation is the manifestation of something we desire. How enthusiastic we feel about that desire increases it, making us more likely to complete the task because we want the reward. That reward is the good feeling of getting exactly what we want, when we want it, and how.

Imagine now the possibility of applying this concept to something we are not enthusiastic about completing. One thing we might do is use the motivation found from no longer having to think about whatever it is we aren’t enthused about. This may seem like a reasonably effective solution, and I also ask you to consider the difference between the bare minimum versus applying the maximum effort in doing something. The outcome of how we feel about completion is drastically different!

Hypnosis helps change your thoughts about things you lack the enthusiasm to care about deeply. Remember that hypnosis is behavior modification with a unique factor, making it special and highly effective. That component is your desire because it is something you want to change. While it may be possible to complete this change on your own, it will take years for it to take effect. Hypnosis will help you achieve this change in weeks!

Achieving this level of excellence for yourself is an exciting idea… and it can be your reality with hypnosis!

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Created by Milton on 11/2/2022