Hystorical Hypnosis Information

The first astounding piece of information is hypnosis has been studied for centuries, starting as far back as Ancient Greece. As time advances, more study produces procedures developed by several well-known psychologists. The most recognized is Sigmund Freud, but he was not the only contributor nor the most influential. Other names influencing hypnosis and its practice are Carl Jung, Clark Hull, and Milton Erickson (the father of hypnosis). Their research explained the mind, the mental states of consciousness, unconsciousness, and subconsciousness, and how hypnosis works within them. The results were its acceptance as a behavioral treatment in the late 1950s, and hypnosis has helped anyone desiring to change their behavior.

Hypnosis is an area of focus for all those studying psychology. Remember that psychology studies the human mind and behavior to clarify this connection. Specifically, how we learn behavior is one of many undeniable connections to psychological science and hypnosis. For example, think about the processes of classical and operant conditioning. In both instances, the behaviors learned from them become both automatic and triggerable at will.

With that in mind, imagine now the possibilities of what someone could do if they could harness that for any purpose they wish. We agree that losing weight becomes an easy task under this principle, right? What about the reduction of stress and the reaction to it in one's life? Is quitting smoking as difficult as it seems if it is something that someone really wants to do? Are there any limitations to the improvement someone wants to make for themselves?

This information all sounds very amazing! All that needs to happen is tap into our inspiration to achieve our goals. My question to you is this: Do you know how to accomplish this feat? I know what your honest answer to this question is. "No, but I certainly would like to learn how!"

Enter hypnosis – the key to opening your unlocked potential through your inspiration. Some areas that you may be inspired to change are located by clicking here. Remember, highly successful people use hypnosis daily to enhance their lives - it's what makes them achieve the highest levels of their personal excellenceThe next step is gathering information about you, your inspiration, and your desires.  This process is referred to as the screening and is described in more detail next.

The Screening