Assertiveness is a direct, firm, and positive form of self-expression. When necessary, this behavior requires persistent repetition. Additionally, this action aims to promote equality within person-to-person relationships. Some of these relationships are those with family, friends, and coworkers. Overall, assertiveness is an element existing in any relationship deemed a successful one.

Despite knowing how essential assertiveness is to our relationships, being assertive is a struggle for many through their daily function. Often, we hear statements like establishing clear boundaries for our relationships. In fact, many will state how this behavior is among those that are healthy for us to execute regularly. This information creates questions like “why is it so difficult to stand up for yourself?”. The answer lies in the definition, specifically the part listing how direct and firm assertiveness is, paired with the persistent repetition requirement.

Sometimes assertiveness appears as saying “no” to a request we might receive. The struggle emerges because we associate denial with being hurtful toward the person making the request. For example, your boss approaches you with yet another task to complete. Although you are completely overwhelmed with your current tasks, your response is accepting more work because you feel you cannot tell your boss “no.” As a result, your everyday work and the new task are not completed optimally, if they are completed at all!

Assertiveness is essential to our well-being for the exact reasons to encourage the behavior. We want to feel good about everything we do, especially when we want to please others we care about. The context of “care” is multifaceted – you care about your friends, family, and coworkers at different levels, making assertiveness vital. Furthermore, our subconscious mind wants to be in control at all times and overall behavior because it wants to feel good constantly. That’s right – we want to feel good all the time – and this requires being assertive to achieve that feeling, and hypnosis is a way to obtain it.

Remember that hypnosis is a phenomenal behavioral modification technique that capitalizes on what you desire most. Because of that information, you now know it can be used to increase assertive behaviors. While being assertive is a conscious choice, what motivates you exists in your subconscious mind. This information points to the need to access that motivation at will and at the same time automatically. Specifically, hypnosis will help you achieve this result!

Think about the recommendation of reciting positive affirmations to start each day. This behavior is suggested to help us stay positive throughout our morning because of the positive feelings generated when we believe them. Imagine how good you would feel if you could call upon those positive feelings at will. Moreover, imagine the positive emotions you could experience when they are attached to being assertive. You transform your behavior by being more assertive, experiencing all the positives connected to assertiveness, and all because you want to do so.

Achieving this level of excellence for yourself is an exciting idea… and it can be your reality with hypnosis!

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Created by Milton on 10/19/2022