Gaining Patience

I was recently asked about how hypnosis can be helpful to workplace professionals. Of course, I directed them to my website and asked them to read the section about precisely that, and I thought that would be enough. I could not have been more wrong! The person was still very confused about how hypnosis would benefit this group of people. While they felt the information was good and the testimonials were nice, the idea that hypnosis worked for the everyday ordinary person was elusive.

The conversation continued as I asked them to identify ten things about their workplace behavior that they wanted to improve. This task was easy to complete, as they listed ten things requiring attention. We then prioritized the list, confirming what was the most important and how the other nine areas impacted it. The first identified need was to recharge patience. We can all agree that patience is excellent for ANY professional working ANYWHERE.

I reminded them that hypnosis is most effective in making behavioral changes that someone wants to change. The question became, “How do I get more patience when people really get on my nerves with what they do.” Obviously, changing others is not possible. However, we can change our response to them! The desired change is all about you and no one else.

We defined patience as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. Ironically, this is how our dictionary describes patience. With this in mind, we began to list all possible reasons that patience is tested, resulting in loss of said tolerance. A very spirited conversation! Nonetheless, this identification and classification determined that we take those behaviors personally and do not want to put up with this type of beating from anyone.

What if you could train yourself to think positively about these situations and remove the feeling of a personal attack? For example, that coworker gets on your nerves because they appear lazy and wait for you to do everything. If you take a step back, the statement itself is very presumptuous. We assume that coworker is out to get us with their chosen behavior. There is always more if we only take the time to look.

Discussing the possibility of that more became another lively discussion. This occurs because there are endless causes of this coworker’s behavior that do not focus on us. What happens if we decide to take into account all these possible causes? At the very least, we can now use the positive focus to become empathetic to them. With this in mind, we become open to the question, “How do I gain more patience?”

This is where hypnosis becomes the tool to help you achieve this goal. The desired behavioral change is to have more patience or increase the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. What if I told you that you can achieve this in a very short time? The person became excited, saying that the possibility of this happening was both mind-boggling and exciting at the same time—their desire to learn how was their final question.

Hypnosis is worth your time if you are interested in something like this. We can determine your ten steps to success and what will inspire you to make these changes. Moreover, it will be fun and enlightening! All it takes is completing a screening with us to find out your inspiration for change and how to achieve it.

I did say that there were ten things and only gave you one. Stay tuned for the next area – positive engagement!