Smoking Cessation

Cessation, by definition, is the process of bringing something to an end. Whatever the reason, you have decided to bring smoking to an end. While this choice is admirable, ending this behavior has proven to be a struggle for the average person. However, you are NOT the average person. The hardest part is already complete, which is the decision to quit! Inspired by your desire to change, hypnosis can help you achieve this goal. You were not born with smoking behavior – it was something you learned, and acknowledging this fact is the first step towards the change you want to make.

The second hurdle is managing the pressure experienced by those taking that next step. This time is crucial to the smoking cessation process for one simple reason. All the reasons you have for smoking become apparent and feel magnified at the same time! As difficult as this may sound, this time is quite the opposite because this is the best time to change behavior. Instead of cessation of smoking, it transforms into the resumption of being a nonsmoker.

Think about that statement carefully for a moment and fully understand it. No one was born smoking, making it a learned behavior like so many other things we do automatically. Basically, you replace the smoking behavior with those of your nonsmoking self. This exchange of behavior is simply because they are actions that you already know! Furthermore, because you want to stop smoking, you will experience a much higher motivation to resume your nonsmoking behaviors.

Resumption is the opposite of cessation and another step in the change process. You ended the process of being a NONSMOKER when the smoking behaviors began. You only need your desire and motivation to quit. Consequently, these elements are the composition of that level of excellence we wish to achieve for ourselves. Keep reading if this sounds too simple and too good to be true.

The failures experienced by those attempting smoking cessation are connected to support. Hypnosis is that missing support, and it comes from entirely within you! It involves your desire to resume being a nonsmoker and making those nonsmoking behaviors automatic again. Hypnosis can help you learn replacement behaviors for those you learned as a smoker. That's right; you can RESUME being a nonsmoker!

Antelope Valley Hypnosis will construct a smoking cessation program exclusive to you and your goal to resume that healthy lifestyle. Your inspiration and desire to change are the foundation of this plan. Because the plan is designed by and for you, the sky is the limit on how successful you will be!

Smoking Cessation with Antelope Valley Hypnosis Guarantees:

Breathe smoke-free air…

Get rid of the "ashtray" smell on your clothes…

Resume the healthier lifestyle of a nonsmoker…


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