Confidence Building

The definition of confidence is the belief that one can rely on someone or something.  That translates into action as we go about our daily tasks.

We believe that we can do them all and perform them without question.  For example, the simple act of walking is something that many of us are confident we can do regularly and without question.  That makes sense, right?  We get up and immediately take steps to get to our desired destination.

Take a moment to think about everything that goes into walking.  Maintaining balance is required to stand and move—each muscle involved with the actual moving action.

Now add all those muscles used to maintain the balance as you move.  Finally, think about the reaction of changing course to avoid obstacles that suddenly appear in our walking path toward our goal.  While there is more that goes into walking from one place to another, we can be sure that this action is learned and mastered, which creates the confidence to call upon it at will.

Now we want to focus on confidence, precisely how that feels.  When we can rely on our ability to complete anything, what are the associated feelings?  Many people report feeling extremely positive, assertive, and fearless about tackling any obstacle they face.  It should be no surprise that these feelings are also most commonly associated with a sense of success.  In fact, the combination of these feelings is often transformed into the action of being confident.

How often have you been told to “have more confidence in yourself,” “be more confident,” or something similar?  Maybe you are the person delivering those messages to someone else?  Either way, the question formulated is this: how can I control being more confident?

The answer is more straightforward than you might think.  The act of “having confidence” can and should be practiced.  Let’s go back to the example of walking to prove this is true.  Before you walked with confidence, you practiced walking.  Additionally, you practiced walking with the eagerness to be successful.  A combination of the two produces confidence… which you developed over several years of walking as a child. 

Years is a long time to wait for confidence building.  What if there was a way to harness this power quicker than it took to learn how to walk?  The answer to this question is where hypnosis can help you as you develop the means of creating and maintaining your confidence in anything that you want to achieve.  More importantly, this change can occur much quicker than it took to become confident in your walking abilities.  Contact us today and schedule a screening to learn more about the specifics of confidence building through hypnosis! 

Created by Milton on 8/9/2022