Positive Engagement

If you think carefully about your profession, the realization that we all provide some service comes into view. Employees provide service to their superiors through the work that they do. Agents serve the customers who come to them for what they need or want. Children serve their parents by completing tasks assigned to them. Conversely, parents serve their children by providing for them. To sum it up, we all live in the service game.

While this may sound like some insane indentured servitude, it is also the truth about everyday life. Think about all the questions that you field and answer throughout your day. These are all forms of service! You also serve yourself when you make sure you do the routine maintenance of taking care of yourself, including self-care. It is simply amazing just how many services we provide every day of our lives.

When the question was asked about how to improve providing a service, I will direct you to the place that we most commonly associate with delivering and receiving services, which is the workplace. The focus quickly becomes how we provide those services because this action significantly influences other parts of our lives. For example, completing all work tasks consistently often results in receiving an increase in pay or a bonus. These outcomes motivate us all; you’d think we would always do this without any issues.

What about the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day? You know, the one where you wake up in the morning feeling dread because you have to deal with people. Sometimes, coffee will take the edge off, allowing you to get through the day. However, what about the days when this doesn’t work like we always hope it will? Poor attitude, grumbling, lack of motivation, and a host of other things are what we produce on those days when we don’t feel like doing it.

What if you could change that attitude and make any day you wanted the best and most positive workday ever? If this was something you could do, how often would you like your day to be that positive? Does this sound like something that you want? The answer I receive to these questions is almost always a ‘yes.’ Achieving this feat is not as impossible as many make it out to be.

Yes, hypnosis is the tool to supercharge your days with positivity. Hypnosis takes the old cliché “thinking positive” to “being positive.” Taking action towards a specific goal has far more impact on achieving it than merely thinking about it. Hypnosis will put you in the state to take action, making a positive change in your life. In this instance, we refer to positive interactions and engagement with others.

Another thing about being positive as you engage the world is that it is contagious! We see this evidence when we smile at a stranger as we walk by them. In most cases, that stranger will smile back at you. Think about how this effect can change the tone of your workplace. If you engage everyone with positivity, they will likely return that positive energy to you and spread it to someone else. The effectiveness of a positive attitude in the workplace is fantastic.

Hypnosis is worth your effort if you want to have an impact like this. We can discover what things positively affect you and show you how to harness them. Moreover, it will be fun and enlightening! All it takes is completing a screening with us to discover your inspiration for change and how to achieve it.

This makes 2 of 10 things that make hypnosis helpful to the workplace professional. Stay tuned for the next area – communication!