Milton's Hypnosis Journey

One question I am regularly asked about my testimonial about hypnosis concerns my training. Specifically, I hear, “what does that have to do with hypnosis and how it worked for you?”. The training to become a hypnotist has everything to do with my hypnosis testimonial! To be an effective hypnotist, one must experience hypnosis; I am no exception to that rule. Hypnotist training is a profound experience where you learn about yourself and use the same techniques that are eventually used on others. By the nature of the process, you achieve and improve areas of your life while learning how to help others with the same techniques.

Antelope Valley Hypnosis has a page dedicated to explaining how hypnosis works. Most of these topics are part of my testimonial, telling you exactly how hypnosis has helped me. Concepts like confidence, motivation, and assertiveness were areas where I struggled personally. Hypnosis has made me more confident, made it easy to create self-motivation for any task, and increased my assertiveness to improve my life. The combination of these changes helped me professionally move on from trying to become what I thought everyone else wanted me with a career in community mental health – a thought I maintained for 20 years. I now do what I want, still helping people closely and in a way best suited for me – a step I never had the confidence in until going through my hypnotist training.

Even with this information, doubt still exists about the positive change hypnosis gives! Often I receive the request to hear about something extraordinary that hypnosis has done for me. This question is not offensive about the visible changes I have made professionally. Many want to know if I have undergone the equivalent of some stories about improvement through hypnosis, like quitting smoking in a day or an incredible tale about 100-pound weight loss. We will see if my experience meets this expectation; if it does, you should schedule a screening with Antelope Valley Hypnosis at your earliest convenience!

An area hypnosis is exceptionally effective in resolving pain. Hypnosis is so effective that it can make some pain disappear completely. How it works in concept is understanding the purpose of pain, why you are experiencing it, and the hypnotist helping you resolve the connection between the two. This type of hypnosis was performed on me as part of my training. This experience is the final domino in my belief in hypnosis and my confidence in how it works.

For over two decades, I experienced pain in my right shoulder after an injury I received back in 1995. I have had several X-rays over the years to confirm there was nothing wrong with my shoulder. Structurally, my shoulder was in perfect condition, according to several doctors. Yet I still experienced nagging pain for almost 25 years after the injury. The pain was something that I was used to, and I stopped trying to do anything about it, thinking there was no hope for me.

Enter hypnosis for pain. The topic was ironically about how to treat pain, and I was asked if there was any pain that I was experiencing. Of course, I brought up my shoulder and shared the information about my previous attempts to find out what was wrong and cure it. After approximately 20 seconds, the pain in my shoulder was removed entirely. The pain that I felt for most of my adult life was gone and has never returned.

This is where I end my testimonial about hypnosis because it is where my journey as a hypnotist began. How long will you wait to improve yourself in ways you have always wanted? Contact us at Antelope Valley Hypnosis to achieve your greatest desires!

The questions are now exploding in your mind. You want answers, and you know I have them! There are two ways to get the knowledge you seek: patiently wait for the continuation of my story next week and to schedule a free screening with me to learn how hypnosis will help you!